An endless transformation We recycle for future generations. In line with our responsible consumption and production targets, we have designed a business model in which we can recycle tires over and over again. We are working on building a greener world for future generations and on contributing to the circular economy. Sustainability Products Eco-friendly production We are aware of the global challenges that threaten the environment. • We protect air, water and soil.
• We contribute to reducing the carbon footprint.
• We avoid using chemicals in production.
• We recycle 95% of the water we use.
Sustainability Products
Sustainable solutions for a sustainable world We always support green production technologies and innovative systems. Thanks to our sustainable practices, we offer sustainable products. Sustainability Products
An Alternative to Natural and Synthetic Rubber

Lagedo recycles nearly 7% of end-of-life tires emerging in Turkey every year. When recycled, ELTs cease to be a threat to the nature, and they turn into an opportunity for the country's economy. The rubber obtained from recycled tires is an alternative to natural and synthetic rubber. When it gives life to a new product, it fully performs retaining all its features.

1,500,000,000 tires become “end-of-life tires" globally every year.
280,000 tons of tires are discarded in Turkey every year.
Lagedo Plant in Kartepe-Kocaeli has an annual production capacity of 21,000 tons.

At Lagedo, end-of-life tires are processed using physical methods to separate rubber, metal and fiber. We offer products with various features and areas of use. To achieve this, we combine industry-leading equipment in tire recovery with advanced tire processing techniques. We offer low-cost & high-performance raw materials to many industries.

Steel Wire & Bead Wire
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Produced using mechanical granulation technology.
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Produced using mechanical grinding technology.
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Global Sustainability
We Support Sustainable Development Goals

UN and its partners are working on achieving 17 Sustainable Development Goals. They aim to solve the main problems faced globally by countries including Turkey. We, as Lagedo, promise that we will be doing our share and we'll contribute to the achievement of these goals.

Low cost, high performance
We combine industry-leading equipment with advanced tire processing techniques.

Using local resources in the most effective way, we offer to our customers economical, sustainable and high-performance products that ensure continuity in quality, without sacrificing environmental priorities.



Zero Waste

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